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June 27, 2011
Press Release
Visions For Tucson and Our Region

Joseph Maher, Jr. Citizen Architect:
I Seek the Office of Mayor of Tucson.

"It's Not Enough!" We must be BOLD; we must have a fully engaged and promoted "Design Vision", a continuously supported "series of economic Visions" for Tucson and our Region.

"I love Tucson—I want a chance to continue to create an even better place for us all"

As a Arizona Native, a local architect, a graduate of the University of Arizona, College of Architecture, Landscape and Planning (CALA), a past President of the Southern Arizona Chapter of the American institute of Architects (SAC AIA), with dedicated Community Service for decades on several City of Tucson Citizen Committees including the Planning Commission, I am seeking the Office of the Mayor of the City of Tucson.

As a proud member of a community-active Design Profession of designers, planners, related consultants, and landscape and building architects, I believe what is missing from today's important rhetoric so critical is a design based understanding & approach for solutions of economic engines to reach our future paths of sustained, continuous Community success.

We must have an overview; embrace multiple goals & timetables, as presented by the vastly important Imagine Greater Tucson (IGT), to boldly implement a series of Visions projecting our future progress for "next year", for "five years from now", for "ten years from now" and so on.

I believe one cannot overemphasize the importance for creating visionary solutions for our future success. It is time for much needed design thinking and solutions driven pursuits to guide us.

Most importantly, our elected and business Leaders must also engage, acknowledge and participate along with willing, actively involved citizens and their constituents in these visionary goals for our community. A commitment with "no bystanders"; engagement is mandatory.

Leadership means capturing the optimism of so many of our involved and concerned citizens at this time.

That is why I seek the Office of Mayor of the City of Tucson.

Thank you,

Joseph Maher signature
Joseph Maher, Jr.
Citizen Architect
Candidate for Mayor

"Only those who can see the invisible, can do the impossible" (A. Einstein)

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