The following was completed for my mayoral run
and remain viable solutions.

"The Argument for a City Architect"
A Designer's Visions for Tucson and Our Region

"It's Not Enough!" We must be BOLD; we must have a fully engaged and promoted "Design Vision", a continuously supported "series of economic Visions" for Tucson and our Region.

Even with a Mayor equipped with a "Designer's Visions" and credentials, the argument for a City Architect is too simple and too obvious if you review the numerous critically important issues before us.

Virtually everything, including a vibrant economy, revolves around design and construction projects, zoning & building codes, understanding the planning needs of Neighborhoods, infrastructure, protecting our water resource, or other related issues.

I believe obvious for development is our Downtown, the Houghton Corridor and the Grant Road Improvements Project all represent investments that would be our economic engines for success.

Visionary Economic Engine Opportunities

    a."Just a Dream" or our goals for a New Future?

  • We must be Bold with future plans of action that push our economic engines and protect our desert and Lifestyles we enjoy.

  • b.Downtown Revitalization: "An economic engine":

  • A successful Downtown can stand on its own as a viable economic engine, requiring less government assistance. However, 50 to100 years of neglected infrastructure will take patience and persistence and investments to rectify as has been initiated by the Rio Nuevo endeavor. I am convinced that Thomas Edison himself personally installed the electrical infrastructure for 4 Th Avenue and our Downtown at the turn of the century. We need upgrades of these systems and everything else.

  • c.Water sustainability and infrastructure construction.

  • Critical to our economic success and continued existence in this desert. We must final a fair, equitable distribution for all. More than ever, we must respond the fact we live a desert. Do I need to say any more?

  • d.Grant Road Improvements Project

  • Complete the project entirely in 5 to 7 years. I believe this project is a major, multi-faceted "economic engine" for Tucson. I have a plan of action I believe will work.

  • e.University of Arizona: "Education, The Path to our Economic Success."

  • The unbelievable, continuous potential for jobs in our Community lies with full support of our University. We must find a way to stabilize & increase monetary support and lower tuition. A local funding source must be considered along with pursuing the Legislature of its legal obligations to education in Arizona. Would a state budget audit reveal misuse of education revenue for other state expenditures?

  • f.Rio Nuevo Improvements: "Economic Engine Still Looming"

  • The unrecognized potential will continue to have the results we desired of "in fill" of business property and new housing, with more residents Downtown & core areas of Tucson;
    Hence: More businesses; More tax revenue, and more, much better, jobs.
    Patience, persistence and a true risk understanding with proper Professional assistance.

  • g.Rio Nuevo Board

  • Is the Board's goal a better Tucson? Is the potential understood along with the incentives required to encourage the risk of investments?

  • h.The Land Use Code= The New Unified Development Code:
    "Expedite the Revisions, Updates: Another Engine in Waiting":

  • Already under way with much, great progress by our excellent City Staff, but... increased Staff is needed to finish and refine this Code, the General Plan, & Neighborhood Plans including a fast track for Neighborhood Protection Zone (NPZ), the Sustainability Code, and many new Transit-Overlay Zones throughout Tucson. I believe once in place a new economic engine will emerge with a simpler more focused code and an updated General Plan of zoning categories and water infrastructure for our Community.

  • i.Adaptive Reuse: "What's that??"

  • The missing element in our planning and building codes which have the potential as an "economic engine" for our Community, creating a sustainable path for many of our unique buildings & properties.

  • j.4 Th Avenue Revival:

  • Investments for new improvements for unique, wonderful street must be discovered, especially now that the Modern Streetcar is routed thru this area where the street itself must be redone, let's reconstruct everything now, all at once.

  • k.Raytheon needs its own secure roadway. "Another economic engine."

Passionate for a Better Tucson:

Please, I request that you do not confuse my intense personal passion and confidence with other unenthusiastic postures or attitudes.

Capture the Optimism

In the 20-25 years duration of my community involvement, I have never witnessed such intense optimism and positive forces exhibited so many of us striving for a better Tucson than now.

Even before the initiation of much needed, long overdue Imagine Greater Tucson (IGT) visionary process became a reality, there are so many organizations of involved citizens desiring the same goals and results for our wonderful, unique area. We must capitalize on this excitement and motivation to create an even more wonderful place for ourselves and those who wish to visit or reside here in the future.

Create a World Class City

Perhaps, I am very motivated, as I have grown tired of hearing of Austin, Seattle, and Denver and so on---we have the best place but we must strive to make it better with short and long range goals.

These long range goals can materialize within Imagine Greater Tucson (IGT) but require full engagement.

As a proud member of a proud, community active Design Community of designer, planners, related consultants and landscape and building architects, I believe what is missing from today's important rhetoric of our future paths; we must have an overview, a Vision, and as indicated by IGT, a series of Visions projecting our future progress for "next year", for "five years from now", "ten years from now" and so on.

The preferred path is a projection of achievable, tractable goals of our stated progress established within those years. I believe we must literally have a simple agreeable "listing to follow".

More importantly, not only should this Vision be projected and determined by our region's residents in progress now thru IGT, but our Elected Officials, Business, all other Leaders and Leadership Organizations should be fully engaged, promoting and completely on board and united in supporting and assisting in creating these Visions for us.

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Joseph Maher, Jr.
Citizen Architect
Candidate for Mayor