The following was completed for my mayoral run
and remain viable solutions.

"Issues: Briefly Speaking"
A Designer's Visions for Tucson and Our Region

"It's Not Enough!" We must be BOLD; we must have a fully engaged and promoted "Design Vision", a continuously supported "series of economic Visions" for Tucson and our Region.

    a.University of Arizona: "Education, The Path to our Economic Success."

  • The unbelievable, continuous potential for jobs in our Community lies with full support of our University.

    However, we must find a way to stabilize & increase monetary support and lower tuition. A local funding source must be considered along with pursuing the Legislature of its legal obligations to education in Arizona. Would a state budget audit reveal misuse of education revenue for other state expenditures?
  • b.Downtown Revitalization:
    "An economic engine":

  • Again, a successful Downtown can stand on its own as a viable economic engine, requiring less government assistance.

    However, 50 to100 years of neglected infrastructure will take patience and persistence and investments to rectify as has been initiated by the Rio Nuevo endeavor. I am convinced that Thomas Edison himself personally installed the electrical systems for 4 Th Avenue and our Downtown. We need upgrades of these systems and everything else.

    However, our Downtown will always be a work in progress—patience.
  • c.Water: "More than ever, we are a desert."

  • It is past time we make every possible effort to increase water efficiency, reduce water usage, reuse every drop, review current policy and programs and codes, create new programs, provide incentives for new improvements of minor and major scale.

  • d.The Land Use Code: "A path to a beautiful city or scapegoat for mediocrity?"

  • My frustration is the original concept for this code was a desired transformation of too many of our existing, disappointing streetscapes of obsolete buildings and properties to "beautiful, tree-lined, desert landscaped shaded walkways", reducing our heat index where City and personal pride would be embraced. It is still possible but our attitude must change: a beautiful city character is an integral part of our economic success.

    A proper document is an investment that is critical to our success.

  • e.5 Th/ 6 Th Street: "So, is this the new 'Ugliest Street In America'?"

  • I simply beg our City Transportation Dept and more importantly, the residents and Neighborhood Associations along this street to collaborate, cooperate and find the cash to create a new vision of tree-lined shaded new sidewalks which combine for a desert landscape noise buffer; install new, quieter street asphalt, and finally slightly widened to provide safe bike lanes. The traveling speed should be lowered to remove the need for unnecessary high screen walls detracting and concealing the front yards and beautiful Homes located on this street.

  • f.Vision Defined: "How do you drive?"
    So, please take this test:

  • As you drive your car, do you look ahead to see if the traffic light is red or green? Then, what do you do? Do you race to the red light to then wait for the green light?

    Or do you plan your movement and temper your speed to arrive when the light is green, then continue quickly without stopping, saving gas and passing your fellow, stationery motorists?

    The lesson is we must plan ahead avoiding pitfalls as possible, any visible obstacles to our smooth progress, and recognize the timing and the will power to then move quickly & confidently together towards our future success.

  • g.The Monetary Angle: "It costs money?"

  • My frustration is too many times, we only see the costs and not the value and long term investments for our Community. Yes, it all cost money in some fashion. We need to logically find cost effective methods to construct our Community's needs but be as affordable as possible to our Community.

Thank you,

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Joseph Maher, Jr.
Citizen Architect
Candidate for Mayor