The following was completed for my mayoral run
and remain viable solutions.

Leadership Defined
A Designer's Visions for Tucson and Our Region

"It's Not Enough!" We must be BOLD; we must have a fully engaged and promoted "Design Vision", a continuously supported "series of economic Visions" for Tucson and our Region.

Dear Fellow Citizens of Tucson:

Seeking to be Mayor, and the Critically Important Missing Dialogue & Understanding
Seeking to be Mayor is only part of the battle of the role of Leadership locally is my perspective. I possess a continuing frustration with intentional destruction of our doers and messengers I believe is a key for our success to all our goals and desires.

Don't you think it's about time? Time that we set aside differences and jointed together for a better Tucson?

Those Who Lead with Solutions and New Ideas:

I believe true Leadership is defined as skilled, visionary individuals who foresee a positive, optimistic future, a fountainhead of viable solutions to our everyday and unusual issues and problems, intelligence to develop new ideas, and possess the strength of character, integrity, rhetoric and ability to generate interest in the visions, solutions and new ideas to benefit Tucson.

It is not enough to just have a "to do list" of goals and objectives, a vision for the future with a set timetable is critical to our success along with willingness and the cash—yes, it cost money—to make it happen.

Tucson must have Leaders willing to understand and promote our shared visions and goals along with citizens willing to support to those visions for a better Tucson.

Those Who Follow the Goals & Desires of Citizens Who Foster Solutions and New Ideas:

I believe true Leadership is also defined when skilled, visionary Leaders follow citizens and recognize significant individuals and groups contributions with their solutions to our key issues and provides new ideas. Much engaged citizens and groups willing to volunteer to create and keep our unique region with their hours and expertise to again much benefit Tucson.

Respect a Broad Venue of Issues, Not Just Singular Pursuits

I believe true Leadership embraces multi-faceted issues and venues in pursuit of a continued successful future for Tucson. Single issues can not outweigh nor overwhelm our visions.

Of course, we should not ignore budget or transportation or accountability or a "to do list" of tasks. These are of course elements of a whole, but a visionary process contains a script for success if continually followed and supported by all without reservations.

For example, "We could not save the Historic Manning House because..."? Find a viable solution and willing partners and create a vision for this example of great architecture representing our past.

As we have preserved the Fox Theatre, The Temple of Music of Art and The Depot into useful assets for our Community, others will continue to deserve our attention.

The Doers and Complainers—the Positive Action Vs The Negative

I believe true Leadership is positive action towards a viable solutions, and not negative complains absent of any solutions.

For example: Very few it appears, understood the intense challenges of renovating our Downtown, untouched for decades, with outdated infrastructure, missing utilities, worn asphalt, serious expensive EPA conditions and so on, requiring serious investments to enable developers to consider the economic risk of Downtown projects.

Our City's investments Downtown allowed developers to then concentrate their funds directly and specifically on their buildings only—a natural enticement and incentive to initiate and share in the success of our Downtown. We need a "CAN DO" attitude and approach always for every issue.

Capture the Optimism

In the 20-25 years duration of my community involvement, I have never witnessed such intense optimism and positive forces exhibited so many of us striving for a better Tucson than now.

Even before the initiation of much needed, long overdue Imagine Greater Tucson (IGT) visionary process became a reality, there are so many organizations of involved citizens desiring the same goals and results for our wonderful, unique area. We must capitalize on this excitement and motivation to create an even more wonderful place for ourselves and those who wish to visit or reside here in the future.

Joseph Maher signature
Joseph Maher, Jr.
Citizen Architect
Candidate for Mayor