The following was completed for my mayoral run
and remain viable solutions.

Developing A Visionary Dialogue
A Designer's Visions for Tucson and Our Region

Leadership means

capturing the optimism of so many of our involved and concerned citizens at this time.

Leadership means capturing the optimism of so many of our involved and concerned citizens at this time.

Unlike any other time in Tucson's history I recall in my nearly + 20 years of community service, we have a positive intensity and much involvement by so many citizens and several leadership groups who's intense efforts for a better Tucson must be utilized for swift, much needed communal success.

My campaign plan is to discuss our critical issues each week and present a different perspective, a designer's viewpoint of diverse solutions and just how interconnected, interrelated virtually all aspects of today's desired future must respect and understand without the "blame game", and absent of derogatory rhetoric and negativity in actions that simply create impossible expectations of success.

My sincere hope is also reduce the "disconnect" between segments of our Community at times blocking our success and progress towards a World Class City.

My different viewpoint is rooted in my decades of community service and my design profession's ability to create solutions for difficult design problems in construction and aspects of our daily lives. So many of our key issues are "design related" aspects of zoning, planning, construction, understanding the design needs of our great Neighborhoods, water management, mass transit, transportation, infrastructure and Downtown planning, plus its rehabilitation and resurrection after several decades of infrastructure neglect finally underway thru Rio Nuevo improvements.

Please, I request that you do not confuse my intense personal passion and confidence with other unenthusiastic postures or attitudes.

We must discontinue the intense questioning, seeking or expecting mistakes and simply move forward positively towards our obvious destiny as a community.

The burning questions: "Did we misunderstand the immense potential for Rio Nuevo?"
"Did a frustrating decade of continuous economic disasters create impossible, extreme expectations?"

In lieu of self-examination and continuing to search examples of great cities, we must continue intense efforts to create our own great city, setting a new standard along the way.

However, it's not enough to settle for dreams and talk. Let us together create a special place representative of our pride and for newcomers to admire to desire to be residents.

Please Anticipate:

Weekly or biweekly essays of key issues posted on my web site. These discussions will contain a different perspective as well as a substantiated opinion, a possible vision or solution or commentary for the next steps towards our Community's success by developing and identifying several economic engines.

As they occur, I will provide a viewpoint on the critical issue of the day, week or month that cannot be ignored, such as funding for education and our University of Arizona. We must fight for that funding.

If you have an issue to be addressed, please connect with me.

My Mayoral Bid:

  • My Mayoral bid will observe the maximum limits of $ 500 in contributions or expenditures.
  • I ask your help as a volunteer to assist in spreading news of my Visions and my request for your Vote.
  • I seek to become a "Write In Candidate" for the upcoming Primary Election as a Democrat.
I believe we must "...mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our sacred Honor..."
For our Liberty and to create a better Arizona and a better Tucson.

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Joseph Maher, Jr.
Citizen Architect
Candidate for Mayor